Anne  Easter  Smith

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This Son of York

Queen By Right  cover

Now is the winter of our discontent

Made glorious summer by This Son of York…”

William Shakespeare, Richard III

After writing around Richard III for five books, in which Richard appears as a major character, I knew I owed my muse his own book. THIS SON OF YORK is the result.

This new portrait of England’s most controversial king is faithfully researched and brings to vivid life the troubled, complex Richard of Gloucester, who ruled for two years over an England tired of war and civil strife. The loyal and dutiful youngest son of York, Richard lived most of his short life in the shadow of his brother, Edward IV, loyally supporting his sibling until the mantle of power was thrust unexpectedly on him. Some of his actions and motives were, I suggest, misunderstood by his enemies to have been a deliberate usurpation of the throne, but throughout his life, Richard never demonstrated any loftier ambitions than to honorably discharge his duty to his family and his country.

In a gentler vein, despite the cruel onset of severe scoliosis in his teens, Richard did find love, first with a lover and then in his marriage to Anne Neville. Between these two devoted women in his life, he sired three and perhaps four children.

Bringing the Plantagenet dynasty to a violent end, Richard was the last king of England to die in battle.

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